MKP / PKP Advanced Temperature Controller / Programmer

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MKP / PKP Advanced Temperature Controller / Programmer

Advanced Programmer Controllers (96x96 mm or 48x96 mm)

The MKP/ PKP is a versatile high performance ramp/soak programmer. A wide range of hardware combinations and special software functions make these instruments highly flexible and suitable for a wide range of advanced control and profiling applications. Designed to offer outstanding control performance and provide a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of applications such as furnace and and atmosphere control, environmental and growth chambers and time activated flow and level control.

Brand: ERO Electronic
Product Code: MKP/PKP
Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Rear Terminals
Panel size (DIN)
1/8 1/4
Input Type
TC, RTD, mV, V, mA
Auxiliary Input
Bias SP
PV Accuracy
Digital OUT Relay/ SSR
4 Standard 10 Optional
Analogue OUT
Digital Input
3 Standard 8 Optional
Load Failure Detection (CT Input)
Heater fail/leakage
IP Rating
Display Type
3 x 4 dig LED
Control Types
On/Off. PID, Valve Positioner
Alarm Types
Hi, Lo, Dev, Sensor break,
Supply Voltage
24V dc/ac 85-264V ac
Transmitter Power Supply
24V dc
SP Programmer
90 Prog 200 Seg
Digital Comm
RS485 Modbus
Real Time Clock
Day and Time
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